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How to Make Valentine (Cherry Vanilla/Lime) Kombucha Tea [15 Jan 2015|11:56pm]
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New Years Eve: Adventures, Love, Resolutions [06 Jan 2015|12:54pm]
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Miseducated TV - New Videos Every Thursday [06 Jan 2015|12:35pm]
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Miseducated Introduction Vlog Volume 2 [12 Dec 2014|11:09pm]
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Whimsical Nonsense Prints~ [15 Jun 2009|09:12am]
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friends only [27 Sep 2008|04:07pm]
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true to you

this journal is now friends only ~ all past entries are friends only as well!
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i don't use this anymore, if you're looking for me or my work, gogo and make sure you say hello. <3
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