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friends only

true to you

this journal is now friends only ~ all past entries are friends only as well!
{comment to be added}

i don't use this anymore, if you're looking for me or my work, gogo and make sure you say hello. <3
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Deleted comment

yes! let's be friends <3
i guess it's time to add you then.
i always forget to add people, been meaning to for like a year.
same, adding you, sweetie! xo!
add me?
i found you in kandikids.
adding. :)
how are you?
Added! you commented on my journal but never added me :)
ooooh! so sorry! currently moving and got a little busy.. adding you now! <3
cute userpic ;)
Hey, I saw you in stoner girls, I loved your photos from your post, thought maybe we could be lj friends? :)
of course!
hi! i've been away from LJ for awhile and i've been meaning to add all the journals i read, including yours, but it's locked. :( add?
ok :3