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amcam means amber + camera~

13 February 1985
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artist, illustrator, designer, blogger, cat-hugging hippie, old skool webbie ~

MEOWLINGUAL in jellyfish land

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1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 6% dokidoki, alice in wonderland, amusement parks, animal crossing, balloons, bambi, baskin robins, blossoming tea, blythe, boba tea, bonne bell, bunnies, cakes, cats, chai tea, chandeliers, cheshire cats, chinese food, cinema, coconut, coffee, colette, cooking, crouquembouche, cutie, cutie book, daisies, dancing, david bowie, decole, decora, deer, deericorn, disney, disney world, doll houses, dreams, dwarf rabbits, eiffel tower, embroidery, figaro, fondue, francie, french bakeries, fruits, glitter, go ask alice, graphic design, gwen stefani, hand crafts, heart-shaped balloons, heart-shaped diamonds, hello kitty, hobbes, hookah, illustrator, japan, junie moon, keyboard, kisses, kittens, kiwis, knitting, lambs, long letters, macintosh, mark pi's, meows, mews, mia farrow, mini skirts, miniatures, minnie mouse, momo bear, momobin, my little pony, my melody, nail art, nicole richie, nintendo, oliver and company, packages, pastries, peach girl, petit blythe, pettipants, photography, piano, pineapple, poisonous mushrooms, polkadots, pony beads, poptarts, postpet, psychedelia, puroland, purses, rainbow brite, rainbowlicious, rainbows, rats, re-ment, recipes, rilakuma, rosemary's baby, sailor moon, san-x, sanrio, sephora, sex and the city, sheet music, singing, snow icecream, sprinkles, stars, stationary, stickers, strawberries, strawberry shortcake, super gals, takara, tarina tarantino, the labyrinth, the sims 2, the white rabbit, tuna, twiggy, unazukin, unicorns, unsolved mysteries, vintage barbie, vintage cook books, wanwan, web design, wii